​     C o l o n e l   P a t r i c k   M u r r a y


America needs an Intervention!

In his new book, Government is the Problem, Colonel Patrick Murray (USA, Ret.) makes the compelling case that the biggest divide in America isn’t racial disharmony, economic inequality, or Republicans vs. Democrats. The biggest rift today is the growing disparity between Washington and Main Street America.

Our Founding Fathers created a unique system of limited government and individual liberty against a backdrop of free markets that ignited the greatest explosion of wealth, prosperity, and opportunity in history. However, the American Dream is now on life support. Government has become a massive parasite, leeching us of our liberty and productivity, and putting us on the path to civil unrest. The federal government, along with career politicians of both political parties, has become the problem.

The good news is that there is a way out. America’s Founders, who were all too familiar with the oppressive nature of government, included an “escape hatch” in Article 5 of the Constitution to deal with the very situation in which we find ourselves. It is the last best option for America’s citizens to impose change upon government.

Colonel Murray’s book is a call to action at the grassroots level, an operations order on how to change the conditions on the political battlefield, take back our country, and restore the American Dream for future generations.

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